Best Handmade Crutch Bags on Etsy

These are the coolest handmade crutch bags on Etsy because they are handmade and more importantly made by a patient of mine.

* Disclosure: I am not paid to promote this product. I just think it is super cool when someone creates something from nothing!

Handmade Crutch Bags on Etsy

Fun Hobbies After Total Knee Replacement

Very few people know this, but I grew up sewing in my mom’s factory as a child. No, it didn’t violate any child labor laws. She was a seamstress and would sew sample garments for pattern companies like Simplicity and McCalls.

At the age of 7, I learned how to use a sewing machine, iron garments, and back boxes. I loved it and it planted a seed for a passion to create.

I have a soft spot for anyone who is willing to take time out of their day to create something from nothing.

Sewing as a Hobby After Total Knee Replacement

Sewing is actually a really great hobby during the early stages of total knee replacement recovery. It allows you to sit while keeping your foot and ankle moving. Depending on the sewing machine you have, a foot pedal will help with ankle pumps.

The Singer Heavy Duty sewing machine is one that I have used for hobby crafts and Halloween costumes.

Other Popular Hobbies After Total Knee Replacement Surgery


Several patients who underwent a total knee replacement took the opportunity to start a blog on their favorite hobby during the recovery process. 

Some were hobby based blogs while others were informational blogs.


If you have found my YouTube channel you know how valuable YouTube can be in helping people find answers to their questions. There are YouTube channels on every topic imaginable. I have seen YouTube channels to help people meditate, help people do their taxes, there are even YouTube channels that simply share the noise of someone typing on a keyboard. 


Whatever you end up choosing to do with your time during your total knee replacement recovery, I encourage you to find something that has meaning and purpose.

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