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In this article, Anthony Maritato, PT licensed physical therapist will share 3 of the most popular devices he has used to help patients and family members get off the floor after falling at home.

How do you safely lift an elderly person off the floor?

Depending on the situation there are many times an elderly person may fall at home without significant injury.

If you are unable to help this individual return to standing the following three devices may help.

Drive Medical Bellavita Auto Bath Tub Chair Seat Lift – Click Here To Check Pricing

Intex Queen Dura-Beam Standard Series – Click Here To Check Pricing

IndeeLift Human Floor Lift – Click Here To Check Pricing

Let’s examine the benefits of each device:

In this video you can watch me demonstrate how the Drive Medical Bellavita Auto Bath Tub Chair may be used to help an individual off the floor.

In this mock demonstration my client has fallen in the family room and will use this device to return to standing.


Bellavita Bath Tub Chair:

Intex Self Inflating Air Mattress

In the following video I demonstrate how the Intex Queen size self inflating mattress works to help an individual off the floor after falling.

The mattress does require a power source so if it was to be used at home it will likely require an extension cord to reach an outlet.

IndeeLift Human Floor Lift

The IndeeLift Human Floor Lift is an amazing device used by paramedics and fire departments. This device is sturdy and battery powered.

The main drawback to this device is the high price and limited availability.

About the Author -

Anthony Maritato, PT has been a licensed physical therapist since 2006. He specializes in post surgical care and rehabilitation of total knee replacement and rotator cuff repair surgery.

Mr. Maritato is also nationally recognized as a therapist educator teaching courses related to Medicare reimbursement, contracting, and documentation.

Total Therapy Solutions LLC is Tony's primary practice which he owns with his wife Kathy who is also a licensed physical therapist.

Anthony Tony Maritato, PT

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