At Total Therapy Solutions, we work hard to make physical therapy available to everybody.  That's why we offer both evening and early morning appointments.  Also, our flexible pricing and extensive insurance network participation makes our care more affordable.  

     - "I realize that when you are in pain, your first priority is to get well, and do it as quickly as possible." - Tony Maritato, PT

With over three decades of combined experience, we can maximize your ability to heal, move, and do the things you enjoy. Like getting back to work, getting back to play, and getting back to a pain-free life.

So whether you’re suffering with low back or neck pain, require post surgical rehabilitation, or you have had a sports injury or auto accident, you’ll find the solutions you need and fast, effective relief at Total Therapy Solutions.


If you would like to find a product we used or recommended during a treatment please visit our Amazon Store by clicking on our Recommended link.



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